Chapter 5 Network Configuration

Table of Contents
5.1 Introduction: netconfig is your friend.
5.2 Network Hardware Configuration
5.3 TCP/IP Configuration
5.4 PPP
5.5 Wireless
5.6 Network File Systems

5.1 Introduction: netconfig is your friend.

When you initially installed Slackware, the setup program invoked the netconfig program. netconfig attempted to perform the following functions for you:

netconfig will generally take care of about 80% of the work of configuring your LAN network connection if you will let it. Note that I would strongly suggest that you review your config file for a couple of reasons:

  1. You should never trust a setup program to properly configure your computer. If you use a setup program, you should review the configuration yourself.

  2. If you are still learning Slackware and Linux system management, viewing a working configuration can be helpful. You'll at least know what the configuration should look like. This will allow you to correct problems due to misconfiguration of the system at a later date.